Jireh and Justine’s Library (Poetry)

Hi guys! this week we tried to show you all a different side of us. Apart from our love for fashion, Justine & I also share a love for poetry. Soooo... This week we wanted to let you guys into our mini "library" to recommend some poetry books. Enjoy & happy reading!


Music Monday #4

Here's this week's music Monday! 

Roadtrip Essentials

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry we've been M.I.A this past week, life just got a little too busy so we both decided to take a week off. Anyway, it's summer! Which means that most of you will be going on vacation trips very soon. We decided to come up with some roadtrip essentials to help you …

Beach Day

Surprise! We decided to add an additional post this week! If you follow our Instagram account (@jirehandjustine) you would've had a sneak peek to what Justine and I were doing on Tuesday. We went to the beach!!.. Well technically the lake. Where we live in so inland that the lake is the closest we'll ever …

Music Mondays 

Surprise!! Welcome to Music Mondays: A new Jireh and Justine series! We decided to kick it up a notch and post twice a week. Once on Mondays and our usual ones on Wednesdays. We thought it would be fun to feature some of our favourite songs and the songs we've been loving throughout the week. …