Fall Lookbook 2017

WE'RE BACK! Sorry guys! we decided to take a month off to get settled into school and work. But, nevertheless.... We're back and we're better! Did you notice the change in layout? We wanted to come back with a bang so we completely rearranged the layout of the blog and also decided to start fresh …


What We Wore To The Carnival

Who doesn't love carnivals?!... and carnival food?! I know summer is carnival season, so we've created an OOTD of what we wore when we went to the carnival. This week's post is quite interesting because Justine and I weren't even in the same country when we took these! ahaha. Mine were taken on the Santa …

Summer Shoe Favourites

It's Wednesday & we're back with another post! It seems like we've touched on everything in our fashion category except for... SHOESSS!  Justine & I love shoes so we wanted to share with you guys a few of our favourite shoes that are summer appropriate! Enjoy!!


Roadtrip Outfits

It's roadtrip season & since we posted a Roadtrip Essentials blog last week, we thought it was fitting to show you guys some roadtrip outfits. These outfits will definitely help you guys stay comfy & cozy but also stylish while on the road.  Hope you guys enjoy!!   


Thrift Haul

Happy Wednesday! Justine and I were in the mood to go shopping this past week and to save some money we decided to go thrift shopping! We love going thrifting because other than the fact that it's so much cheaper than shopping at your normal, everyday store, you can find some great closet staples and …


Primary Lookbook

What could be a better way to ring in the first day of summer than a primary colour lookbook? Justine and I thought it would be perfect to officially welcome the summer season with a little (or a lot) of colour! Putting together these looks for you guys was honestly quite the challenge because if …


Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook

Hey! It's Jireh and Justine, and we just want to invite you to join this new adventure with us! Ever since high school we dreamed of starting our own blog, but kept pushing it aside. Now here we are almost four years later writing our first ever blog post. After thinking long and hard about …