Thrift Haul

Happy Wednesday! Justine and I were in the mood to go shopping this past week and to save some money we decided to go thrift shopping! We love going thrifting because other than the fact that it’s so much cheaper than shopping at your normal, everyday store, you can find some great closet staples and essentials for maybe half the price it would normally be at the mall.

We have a lot of good finds to show you guys so we decided to put them all in a thrift haul. Individually, we bought 5 things for under $45.

So… before we get into the haul, we have a little surprise for you guys! Our best friend and YouTuber, Miss. Jessah Ortiz decided to vlog our whole thrifting experience together! We did a collaboration on her YouTube channel with a $20 thrift challenge. Please show her channel some love and definitely expect a lot more collaborations with her on this blog! Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the thrift haul!






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